5 Ticket Giveaways for Promoting Your Event

Giveaways are unique opportunities for gaining the exposure your event needs to increase ticket sales and brand awareness.

A giveaway is exactly how it sounds, giving away products, merchandise, and other prizes, but not for free. Usually, these promotions occur over social media where you have followers like, follow, and/or share to be considered for the giveaway promo.

However, it doesn’t always have to take place in social settings.donation-2

1. Donate tickets to silent auctions

There are plenty of worthwhile organizations that hold silent auctions as fundraisers - churches, schools, shelters, and more. When you donate tickets for silent auctions, everyone who takes part in that event will see your event/brand and even if they don’t win, your event still gets free advertisement during the auction.

This is also a smart move because there aren’t any out-of-pocket costs, you can write off the amount of the tickets for tax purposes because it’s a charitable donation, and your event receives excellent exposure.


2. Giveaway on a local radio station

Plenty of people have a morning commute, lunch break, or evening show that they listen to routinely.

They get to know the radio personalities during their daily routes, and from listening every day they not only build fan loyalty but trust in what they have to share.

A giveaway on a local radio station allows viewers to hear about your event directly from their favorite, engaging radio personality.

Give away some tickets on the local radio station, and you’ll likely see a noticeable increase in ticket sales.theatre-2

3. Support local theater students

This is a fun way to do giveaways if your event is involved in local theater or community events. Go around to local colleges and post signs offering free tickets to students for short submissions or reviews. For example, why they loved your event? Or what made them get into local or school theater programs?

If your event is a play, perhaps open it up to theater students at a discounted rate. This is an ideal way to generate buzz and attract people in your target market to your event who most likely will bring along friends and family.

Also, reputation matters. Your brand will look altruistic because you’ll be supporting students, plus you’ll have plenty of short blurbs about why people love coming to your event that you can use in other marketing materials to boost credibility.


4. Social media giveaway

Social media is a common way to promote a giveaway.

Promote your event on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the other hundreds of social media platforms with a giveaway of your choice.

Make sure the requirements to enter the giveaway clearly enhance the exposure of your event - for example, on Facebook, make sure people like and share the post that has all the details of your event; this will get more people involved and reach a new market.social-media-3

On Twitter, have people retweet your post announcing the event (make sure you include a link for people to see more details).

A social media giveaway is an effective way to get more eyeballs on your event, and, as a result, get more tickets sold. If you want to start your social media giveaway now, check out these guidelines to help you put together your own giveaway campaign.


5. Give tickets to someone on your email list

Plenty of event companies have thousands of people subscribed to their email lists, but the majority of subscribers probably don’t even take the time to read the emails sent out often.

Encourage people to pay attention to your emails, and perhaps buy tickets to your events more frequently, by offering ticket giveaways every once in a while through email. Email example:


Header: “2 Free Tickets For 2 Minutes Of Your Time”

“We are giving away 2 tickets to the first 10 people that (INSERT what actions you want them to do).”


However you choose to do your giveaway, you can use your Purplepass account to easily send digital tickets to the winners. To learn how to use your guest list to send free tickets, check out this article to walk you through sending tickets digitally.

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