Creating A Strategy Using Your Venue

A party planner or event coordinator not only has the job of putting together an amazing roster of talent, often including music, vendors, presentations, activities, etc. but add to that list, “find a venue”. Once that venue is locked in place, it’s important to create a strategy for all the ways you can use that venue to your advantage.

Venue Strategy Demographics

Understanding your core demographic is essential, and the first step is to identify who your marketplace really is. 

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Once you do that, your venue can provide clues as to whose problems your function can solve to eliminate any challenges they might face for attending the event.

For example, if the venue has features conducive to those with various disabilities or of older age, you can highlight these when crafting your advertising strategy and use it to your advantage especially if you are targeting an older crowd.

Also, some sporting events and their venues are designed with building features that assist those with autism or other sensory issues, creating a welcoming atmosphere for families who need that extra support. Put simply, you need to figure out what problems your planned venue will help solve, whether it’s plenty of close parking, shading, heated rooms, wheelchair accessible, etc. Once you understand your marketplace and how the venue alone can assist their needs, you can advertise those benefits to them.

Nontraditional Spaces

If the setting for your gathering is unique or nontraditional, such as a boathouse or a warehouse, you can focus on its architectural details that people may find interesting.

For example, art galleries have become a unique space to host events where guests can see the local art. Using the venue’s features of local art and the experience it offers aside from the event, is a strategy most event planners use; an extra perk for your guests.

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Location Location, location!

Market the location of your venue. Whether it's convenient for people or near public transportation, if it’s a great location use that in your venue strategy.

The locale and region can provide you with ample attractions in which to delve to give context to your event. You can suggest activities leading up to or following your conference, and you can frame it in your advertising copy.

An example would be: come enjoy the sights and sounds of Charleston that include breakfast at the famous Peis restaurant, seeing the spectacular views overlooking the Kanawha River, followed by entertainment featuring the Glaston singers at the Bright Convention Center on June 29th.

Historical Places

purple gold white wedding venueHistorical buildings, landmarks, museums all have their stories to tell. Besides promoting your event, promoting the unique stories of these venues alone can get people intrigued to see more.

Integrate the various aspects of your venue, the people you are bringing together, and the focus of your concert or conference in such a way as to build excitement and to show that this will be a time unlike any other.

Target the marketing avenues where your ideal customer avatar is most likely to tune in, and use specific keywords with which they are most likely to resonate. Above all, be sure to have fun!

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