Event Security: Protecting Personal Data, Health Records, and Ticket Purchases

Planning a successful event for your business requires more than a suitable venue and an audience willing to attend. With any sized event, you will also need to take security measures into consideration, especially if you are concerned about potential scams, data breaches, or even protecting the health and safety of your guests.

Whenever you are thinking of planning any type of event, there are a few event security matters that you should first consider and find a solution for before finalizing your event reservations.



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Ticket Security

Unfortunately, hosting any event in today’s modern age comes with a few potential risks, especially when your event involves digital ticketing.

With a digital ticketing solution such as Purplepass, you can maintain your peace of mind knowing that your ticketing platform is as secured and as protected as possible at all times. Using a few methods to increase your event’s ticket security can also help you put your mind at ease.

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Unique barcodes for your event’s tickets can help to deter potential counterfeited tickets, while also providing you with a method of tracking attendees and tickets themselves. Using barcodes for an event with your preferred ticketing platform can help to streamline the management of your events, while also allowing you to track data in real-time.


Unique Serial Numbers

Using unique serial numbers on each of your event’s tickets is another way to combat counterfeited tickets, especially if you are hosting a popular or in-demand event. While it is possible to use traditional barcodes, most barcodes for printed tickets are the same, which may be deterred by advanced hackers. Although this scenario is not likely, it is still possible for the most sophisticated of hackers.


Tracking Numbers

Another method to improve the ticket security at your next event is to consider sequential tracking numbers, which can be used on each of the original tickets you print or have delivered virtually or via email. You can use sequential tracking numbers on each of the tickets you provide for your guests, while also matching the ID of the ticket number with the guest who purchased the ticket(s).


Using Guilloche Patterns

If you’ve ever gone to a special event, spent certain types of fiat currency, or even attended a concert, the chances are good that you have had an item on you that contained guilloche patterns. Guilloche patterns are used to provide authenticity checks for various printed items, including tickets and some forms of money. It is extremely difficult to reprint and replicate guilloche patterns, which is why they are used so frequently as a deterrent to thieves.


Hologram Ticket Printing

You also have the option of having holograms printed directly onto tickets for an additional layer of protection and security. Holograms are extremely difficult to replicate, even for some of the most sophisticated hackers and thieves around the globe, which is why so many event managers turn to using hologram-printed tickets today.



Data Security

Whenever you are planning an event, it is imperative to keep data security in mind and a top priority, especially if you intend to use a ticketing platform that collects sensitive information of your event guests and attendees.

Using software that provides top-notch protection and security is essential to minimize the risk of having your customer’s data breached or stolen and sold. Anytime you intend to collect data for any reason, securing your user’s data should always remain a top priority.

If you are planning an event, a few of the datasets you will probably collect from users and potential guests might include:

  • Ticket registration information (names, DOBs, addresses, etc.)

  • Email addresses (email campaigns)

  • Locations and specific dates of events

  • Information regarding other guests and attendees

Using ticket registration platforms, integration tools, CRM solutions, and even email or newsletter tools all require security you can trust and rely on, such as with Purplepass. Purplepass uses 3DS technology to provide frictionless fraud protection. 3DS technology from Purplepass ensures that customer credit cards are monitored and verified in real-time.

All completed transactions with 3DS technology guarantee protection from fraud-related chargeback you may encounter.



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Health Security

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and businesses alike have shifted how they conduct their routines and daily tasks. From implementing social distancing and mask-wearing at work to require vaccinations for events, there are many recent changes that are happening all around the world, in both workplaces and in our personal lives today. If you are hosting events that require intimate gatherings or gatherings in public, ensuring that all data that is collected, organized, and used is encrypted is essential.

Protection of any data that is collected, submitted, or transmitted using your website or online ticketing platform should be guaranteed with encryption on any platform or solution you choose to use. Encryption helps to make information as difficult as possible for potential hackers and thieves to see and steal.

Health and Safety Protocols for COVID-19

If COVID-19 restrictions are still in place where you live and work or if you are interested in hosting an event that is sensitive to the needs of others, you may need to inquire about local mandates and laws that are currently in place.

Even if COVID-19 is not as devastating as it once was, some event attendees may prefer to only attend events that prioritize health. The following resources, tools, and tips are also available to help with streamlining the planning of your next event while still keeping health and safety in mind.


CLEAR Health Pass

CLEAR Health Pass is one unique solution for helping verify that individuals have had a recent negative COVID test or that they have a verified vaccine. CLEAR Health Pass is also available for businesses and corporate event planning solutions.




CrowdBlink is another all-in-one solution for managing health screening solutions at planned events. With CrowdBlink, it is easier than ever to provide event attendees with ID scanning, temperature checks in real-time, as well as complete questionnaires you see fit for your event type.



If you are interested in a solution and platform that is like CLEAR Health Pass, but one that also offers on-site rapid testing as well as results in real-time, CrowdPass may be just the solution you need for your next event. With CrowdPass, not only can you use most of the same features that CLEAR Health Pass offers, but you can also seek out rapid tests on-demand to help your event attendees to ensure they are readily prepared for any event you have planned that requires proof of a negative test or a COVID-19 vaccine.

Understanding the significance of event security is essential, especially if you are planning an event for the first time or if you intend to invite hundreds, if not thousands, of potential attendees. Once you understand the ins and outs of event security, you can work to ensure all of your company’s events are protected, and secured at all times.

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