How to Get Local Vendors Involved in Your Events

Hosting an event for your business is not only a great way to spread the word about your organization, but it can also increase foot traffic and, most times, sales.

When you are planning an upcoming event for your business, consider working with local vendors to significantly boost the chances of the event’s success. 


Why you should partner with local vendors?

Partnering with local vendors is a great way to spread the word about a new brand while also helping to gain trust with those in your area and region.

Gaining trust is one of the most important aspects of building a successful brand.

When prospective customers see that your business is partnered with a vendor or retailer that they are familiar with and trust already, they are more likely to give your brand a chance. 


Why partnering with local vendors is important?

Partnering with local vendors is extremely important for small businesses and new brands on the horizon. By partnering with local businesses that already exist, you can build your following and customer base in much less time. Partnering with local vendors provides an opportunity for equal cross-promotion, providing benefits to all businesses and vendors participating.

Simply promoting other local businesses as they do the same for you can help bring in a steady stream of customers and, ultimately, revenue.

You can use local vendor partnerships to help bring awareness to a certain cause, to raise money, or even to sell tickets to upcoming events you are hosting together. Combining the customers from multiple local vendors can significantly boost the turnout of any event you have planned.


Ways to partner with local vendors?

When you are in the process of planning an upcoming event, it is important to familiarize yourself with partnering opportunities you may have available to vendors in your local area.

There are many ways to partner up with local vendors to help boost the turnout and overall success of your next event. 


More resources for your business/event

Partnering with local vendors provides an opportunity to showcase what resources are available in your town and community. You can also work with local vendors if you are in the market for furniture rentals, flowers, decorations for your event, or even items to giveaway.

Making connections and partnerships with local vendors can help with bringing the vision you have for your event to life. 

Shows and workshops

Partnering with local vendors for arts and craft shows or workshops is another way to drive foot traffic to your event. Hosting workshops is not only a great way to gain exposure for your own brand, but it can also help with spreading the word of the talented locals in your area. 

Individuals who attend these shows typically enjoy learning more about unique artists and small businesses, which provides a great opportunity to inform others of your own company and what it offers.

Food events

Hosting food events is a great way to receive the exposure you need for your business while showcasing some of the top foods in your local area.

Because food does not discriminate, hosting food events can be a great way to maximize your reach and ability to spread the word about your business and brand to all the locals near you.

Attract local artists and talent 

Hosting local vendor events is a great way to attract local artists and talent.

Showcasing talented artists of all kinds can help with making your community-centric event a wild success.

When locals feel engaged and excited about an event, they are also more likely to invite their friends and family to tag along. 

Local band (music) events for exposure 

You can work with local vendors to host an event for local bands in your area.

Music is extremely appealing and can help to gather crowds quickly, which is why working with local bands is optimal if you want to help your business and brand to get noticed. Sponsoring local bands and highlighting artists in your region will help to attract fans and followers to any event you have planned for your business. 

Local news crew/local media

If you have a local media crew or news team available in your city and community, consider reaching out.

Hosting a local event that involves many vendors from the area can help with attracting a news crew or drumming up media attention. Having your business and brand featured on even a local news outlet is a great way to boost sales and attract new prospective customers. 

Hiring local staff and enlisting local volunteers 

Making and cultivating connections with local vendors is a great way to increase the number of volunteers you may have available when hosting an event together. The more connected you are to local vendors and businesses, the easier it is to enlist local volunteers for the event-planning process itself. When you are connected to local businesses, you can all work together to ensure your events go off without a hitch.

Getting local vendors involved in your events can help with spreading the word about your business while garnering trust from followers of your brand. The more opportunities you have to work with local vendors, the easier it will become to market your business and attract the customers and sales you need to thrive. 

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