How to Stay Consistent with Your Marketing Materials

Brand consistency is a vital component to attracting customers and can also help a event promoters meet their objectives regarding sales and overall awareness.

This is best achieved by providing customers with a uniform experience that communicates a company’s core values and mission, and printed materials such as flyers, business cards, brochures, posters etc. must utilize colors and fonts that closely resemble one another and represent a company as a whole, rather as individual pieces.



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In addition, by presenting the operation’s logo and by interacting with clients in largely the same way each time a contact is established, patrons will not only develop a relationship with your brand but will also become increasingly more comfortable, as they will know what to expect and how to identify it.


The results of having a consistent brand

sample brochure of mockup design



Everybody is familiar with the Nike swoosh, the familiar cursive lettering associated with Coca-Cola, or the golden arches synonymous with McDonald’s. 

A logo and messaging that succinctly embodies a particular feeling or mindset can become iconic when it is portrayed repeatedly over time in a consistent manner, and this is, ultimately, the goal of advertising.

Once establishing your logo, consistently presenting it online, on your website, in social media, and on all your printed material and merchandise that goes out is the first step to creating a recognizable brand.

Pro Tip: 

Create a logo using color psychology!

This is a study of how color influences perceptions that are not obvious to us at the time but can affect our minds, emotions, moods, and taste in a way we don‘t even realize. 

Because of this effect it can have on people, brands focus on color psychology to establish what they want their brands to say or to control how their audience feels.

To learn more on exactly how to use this psychology click here.

color psychology guide for creating the logo


Branding and color themes

Customers are more desirous of spending their money with brands that have worked hard to establish stability by creating a dependable experience as a frequently changing motif will not engender trust.

In effect, the artwork designs, tone, and presentation will work in concert to create a reputation that will precede a corporation before a sales is made, as research has shown that it takes, on average, between six to eight touches to get to a purchase.


 Pro Tip: 

One way to stay consistent is creating an appearance guide.

This guide should include your main colors, fonts, font sizes, font colors, main background color, and other colors you want to affiliate with your brand.

Once this sheet is created, stick to this guide on all your marketing campaigns and printed material.


Know your brand's message

All efforts in reproducing similar messaging over time will aid in growing recognizable, making a certain product or service readily stand out in consumers’ minds when faced with a certain dilemma.

Customers will develop a sense of knowing who you are and what you stand for, readily fostering that association when it portrays them in a positive light.

The key is to always deliver a reliable set of values with which your target audience can easily align themselves and expect to see.


coca-cola share a coke brand


Advertising and marketing tips

When it finally comes to advertising your brand, ask yourself that following questions.

What do you sell or provide?

Why do you sell or provide what you do?

What can you offer to customers?

What can’t you offer to customers?

Who is your top competitor?

How are you different from them?

What problems are you solving for your customers?

What are your competitors recent campaigns?

What makes your brand unique?

What product/service is your most popular?

What product/service is your least popular?


This will get you on track to identifying your brand event farther and understanding where you stand. From here, you‘ll have a better idea of your business and what you are advertising leading to more brand consistency.


Materials and merchandise

Now put everything together! Your logo, color scheme, font, colors, sizes, etc. You have everything you need to create material for your event that will enable your audience to identify your brand.

This is the most important time to be consistent especially at trade shows and conferences where you need to set yourself apart from the rest.



Sell merchandise at checkout

Sell t-shirts, drink tickets, food vouchers,
etc. as a ticket add-on during checkout.



Depending on the function or event you are attending or event hosting, you have a variety of different printed items you can use to extend your brand.



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