Purplepass' New Custom Delivery Text Feature

Every event is different; different location, theme, venue, requirements, options, etc. So it's unfair for ticket software tools to restrict planners to specific default options.

print at home delivery method purplepassNow, our event promoters can customize their delivery method text, instead of sticking to the basic options such as "Will Call","Print-at-Home" ,etc.

For example, instead of using our default "Will Call" following a broad statement telling customers they need to go to the will call window to receive tickets, you can customize it to be more appropriate for your exact event (Please go to the big blue tent marked "tickets" by the west parking lot to pick up your will call tickets ).

This will eliminate any confusion from guests, or extra inquires regarding directions or specifics.

Currently, the default delivery methods are print-at-home, will call, first class, priority, or express mail. If these options don't work for your event, you can create your own fully customized delivery method specific to your event. You can adjust the name of the delivery method as well as the text that appears for your customers. 

If you want to edit shipping (first class, priority, or express mail) and/or fulfill your own shipping, you need to contact your client-care representative and activate these settings to edit your delivery methods. 

Creating a custom delivery method works great for unique situations such as creating additional will call options if you are allowing people to pick up tickets at another location prior to the event.


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