Purplepass' Wristband Pricing & Customization Options

If you don't want traditional tickets, you can always turn to wristbands for a faster admissions process. Purplepass offers high-quality vinyl wristband options for every event, available in a variety of different colors and custom artwork.

Check out all the different types of wristbands we offer below! 

 different wristband colors and event names


Custom Full Color Wristbands

Minimum 100 per artwork

Our full-color wristbands are great for single-day use or one-time events!

With the full-color option, you can design full-color artwork on the entire wristband, and add logos, sponsors, and any other branding.

This option requires a minimum order of 100 wristbands per artwork; meaning you have to order at least 100 wristbands for each version of prints (VIP, General Admission, Beer Drinks, etc.)


Heavy Duty Vinyl Wristbands

Minimum 50 per artwork

Our heavy-duty vinyl wristbands are meant to endure it all, making them great for multi-day events.

The vinyl is super durable and water-resistant, great for events such as fun runs, marathons, multi-day concerts, festivals, etc. If you want something that lasts, go with heavy-duty!

This option requires a minimum order of 50 wristbands per color/print.

  • The price includes customization in black only.
  • Available in 7 colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple

Regular Vinyl Wristbands

Minimum 50 per artwork

This option works for single-day usage.

We recommend this type of wristband for events that need a fast and easy way to identify the different types of ticket holders (VIP, General Admission, Military, Student, etc.).

Because of their vibrant colors, they are hard to miss and your staff can easily identify each wristband. This option requires a minimum order of 50 wristbands per artwork.

  • There is no custom printing for this option
  • Available in 10 bright colors of: Yellow, Pink, Orange, Blue, Silver, White, Purple, Gold, Green, Red



You can order tickets via phone if that is your preferred way of purchasing. Contact 1-800-316-8559 to order your tickets. This line is open 24/7. You can also order through your Purplepass promoter dashboard


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