What is Content Marketing Cross-Promotion?

Companies searching for methods to increase a brand’s overall visibility and appeal should consider incorporating content marketing cross-promotion techniques into their overall marketing strategy.

Find out exactly what content marketing cross-promotion is, how it works, and how it can benefit most businesses and organizations. 


What is content marketing cross-promotion? 

Content marketing cross-promotion involves using internet content, such as blog posts, informational articles, and advertisements to reach a broad audience to get information about a brand in front of potential clients or participants.

There are many ways to incorporate these strategies into a marketing campaign for a business or organization. The idea is to use a different platform or media outlet to appeal to a new market or group of potential target audience members. 

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Content marketing cross-promotion tips

Use these content marketing cross-promotion tips to help get the word out about a business, product, or service. Use all or a few of these options to gain views and increase traffic to the main website of the brand or business.

Using these strategies is economical and efficient methods to compete in a specific market to attract the attention of new viewers and possible customers or partners.


Tip #1 Use social media platforms

Social media platforms are one of the most powerful cross-promotion marketing tools available today. One of the main benefits of using social media is its overall effectiveness to value ratio.

Get the real bang for the buck when using effective content marketing strategies on the most popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 

Use their convenient advertising options to make it easier than ever to regularly get a brand in front of the right audience at peak times. 


Tip #2 Create call-to-action

Always use a call to action, or suggestion to act for more information about a product or service. The call to action can be included more than once in a piece of content or it can be added subtly at the end of an information piece.

Donate-Now-Buttons-FeaturedThis is an easy strategy to use, and it is surprisingly effective at driving traffic to a website.


Tip #3 Use links inside your content

Embedding links into your content makes it easy and tempting for viewers to read more about related content, a specific brand or related information, and helps to inform a potential customer.

Embed links in relevant words or phrases to help viewers understand what they will read more about and use them to link to the home website in a call to action. 

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Tip #4 Create guest posts in other communities

Placing guest posts in blogs and other websites across the internet is a great way to gain the interest of a broader audience. Brands can get their name in front of people who would otherwise not see information or content related to their marketing campaign.

Some ideas would be to post in a community blog or in online bulletin boards and even other business blogs. If there is access to a nationally popular blogger’s site, try to get content on there for better results. 

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Tip #5 Integrate social media with email marketing

The easiest way to integrate social media into your email marketing campaign is to provide a link directed to your social media accounts. Or you can create a sign up post and provide that link through your email.

Viewers can easily enter their email and information, which can be used by a company or brand to send promotional materials and keep them posted about important developments while getting a new lead or contact.

signature-exampleUsing these content marketing strategies is cost-effective and produces great results for companies and brands both large and small. Try to take advantage of these opportunities to stay competitive in today’s online business market and get the visibility a brand needs to be successful.

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