What Millennials Consider Before Purchasing Event Tickets Online

The Millennial generation is unique in many ways, and they are the primary generation responsible for creating change in the way business is conducted currently, as well as funding a variety of causes. They are more thoughtful when it comes to making purchases and companies know that they have to consider their thought process before they can effectively appeal to their sensibilities when it comes to sales.

When purchasing tickets, outlining the reasons why they are a wise investment and understanding their process of thinking during the purchase stage is the key to connecting with them.

Below are the top questions they ask themselves and that you may need to consider when selling your tickets and marketing for this audience.


Is the event unique enough?

unique venue spaceIf the event in question is a completely unique experience or a rare type of occurrence, the Millennial generation will be more likely to invest in tickets, especially if they are shown how they can benefit from them.

Ticketing serves to create a more successful event and has a variety of benefits for the promoters and others involved. If you can capture the attention of the Millennial crowd and make the event very attractive, you will be able to easily boost your overall ticket sales.

One of the most effective ways to outline how the event is unique is to use social media and digital campaigns such as video testimonies, highlights and experiences.

You can easily reach Millennials when you use a digital approach because that is their main form of obtaining information about events and the news around them. Whatever your approach, your marketing should be focused on answering the question "How is your event different from any other event" and what makes it a once in a life time experience.

If millennials are your target audience, you might want to follow our guide on designing the perfect event for millennials and creating an experience you can market and that they will love.


Do any of the event funds benefit a cause?

If you can show Millennials how buying a ticket can effectively benefit a cause, they will likely make a purchase. This generation may require a bit more convincing than previous generations because they have become savvier when it comes to spending money and donating to causes.

If that is the case, I would suggest marketing your charity or benefit if there is one involved as equally or heavier than you market the actually event. Millennials like to know that they can have an experience, while knowing their money is going to good use and not being wasted on an event alone. 


Are there any discounts on tickets available? 

Offerstate fair of texas general admission ticketsing discounted tickets is also another way to pursue the Millennial generation to invest. If they feel like they are getting a great price on the tickets, they will likely decide to buy them (safe to say this works for any generation).

The Millennial generation is known for being thrifty, and they love to feel like they are getting a great deal. Consider promoting the discount heavily to gain their attention, send out announcements, or limited time offers so they are pushed towards buying sooner. Another suggestion would be to offer an even greater discount if they purchase several tickets at once.

For example, they will respond to a family ticket purchase discount more likely than they would a single ticket discount because you are getting more for less.

If you need help getting started, check out our list of top new trends that every event planner should follow if Millennials are their targeted audience.


If you are planning to market tickets to an event or function to the Millennial generation, you are going to have to use fresh strategies and learn how to consider the different ways this generation thinks when it comes to spending money. They are a unique group that must be appealed to in a much different way than previous generations before them.

Using outlets such as social media and harnessing the power of internet advertisements for discounts, while highlighting the benefit of supporting the event is an effective way to gain their attention and support.

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