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Setting up your own merchant account through

When setting up an account on Purplepass you’ll need a trans key and login that are provided through your account on

After typing in your trans key and login you will have additional options to enter a Discount rate and Transaction fee. These are extra fees that you can add to each order to cover your merchant fees, and they will go directly to you. After entering all your information, click Save and you’re set.

NOTE: While on the "Use your own merchant account" option, please review the PDF on how to toggle your security settings within These are settings are important to set, so you won't have any issues while selling through an online 3rd party such as Purplepass.

Configuring a new account


  1. Go to the Settings page, then go to Email Receipt (Under the Transaction Format Settings section).
  2. Uncheck the Email transaction receipt to customer (If email address is provided) and then hit submit to save.


  1. Go to the Settings page, then go to Card Code Verification (Under the Security Settings section).
  2. Check Does NOT Match (N) and uncheck the rest.
  3. Click Submit to save.

Configure Address Verification Service

  1. Go to the Settings page, then go to Address Verification Service (Under the Security Settings section).
  2. Under the General AVS Responses, uncheck every option except for B Transaction was submitted without a billing address.
  3. Then go to the next part, Address and ZIP Code Responses, and check option N and options A.
  4. Option Z, W, and Y should be unchecked.
  5. Click Submit to save. NOTE: If you have the Advanced Fraud Suite, please see the screenshots below for instructions on how to configure the settings.


  1. Go to the Settings page then go to Test Mode (Under the Security Settings section).
  2. Make sure that above the button, it says This account is currently in LIVE MODE.
  3. If it does not say Live Mode, click the button to turn test mode off.


  1. There are two codes you need to enter into Purplepass in order to link them together.
  2. To get these codes, go to the Settings Page, then go to API Login ID and Transaction Key (Under the Security Settings section).
  3. The first code you will need is the API Login ID. It will be displayed there on the page.
  4. The second code you will need is the Transaction Key.
  5. To create a Transaction Key, enter the answer to your secret question and a new key will be assigned.
  6. Save this key somewhere, as it will no longer be displayed once you leave the page.
  7. With both API Login ID and Transaction key in hand, you can do the final step.


  1. Login to your Purplepass account and go to Settings -> Merchant Account.
  2. Select Use a 3rd party merchant account and then enter your company name (Which will be displayed on the receipts), your API Login ID, and the Transaction Key.
  3. The Discount Rate and Transaction Fee is an option, but if you enter them, they will be added to the service fee charged to the customer.