The Mailchimp integration allows you to automatically sync the contact information of your ticket purchasers directly to your Mailchimp account.

With a free introductory plan, you get up to 12,000 free emails per month, 2,000 total subscribers, and a variety of template options. MailChimp makes it easy to quickly send out newsletters, announcements, invitations, etc, to all your customers.

Constant Contact

Purplepass integrations with Constant Contact will sync and add all of your customer’s contact information to your account.

By enabling Constant Contact integration, Purplepass will sync and add all of your customer’s contact information to your account. You can also include your Guest List information!


All ticket buyers’ contact information through Purplepass is automatically synced to your SurveyMonkey account to make sending out surveys and polls easy.

This is an excellent tool for asking post-event questions, gain actionable insights, and getting to know your audience to allow you to drive business forward for your next event.

The Events Calendar

Purplepass integrations with the Events Calendar plugin allow users to create an event calendar directly on their site.

Sync your Purplepass events with their event calendar plugin in minutes and manage event tickets without leaving WordPress. Purplepass’ WordPress ticketing plugin and The Events Calendar are free to download.


WordPress is the most popular and user-friendly place to create websites for upcoming events, blogs and more. Now you can build a website for your event and make accessing tickets even faster with our new ticket widget.

Our Purplepass plugin allows you to install our ticket widget directly onto your WordPress site in a few easy steps.


With Evensi, we provide you can easy-to-use and wallet-friendly promotional tool for instantly creating a multichannel advertising campaign for your event. It’s the ultimate platform for event promotion and discovery!


Zapier is a platform that allows users to automate workflows between different web applications. By connecting two or more applications, users can set up “Zaps” that automate specific tasks, which would otherwise be done manually.

Streamline your workflow using Zapier by crafting Zaps that link Purplepass with various applications.