Ticket Sales

Purplepass empowers you to efficiently and effectively measure event ROI. Get a detailed breakdown of what tickets were sold, profit, sales by ticket type, day, price point, distribution with advanced filter options.

The breakdown includes sales by ticket type, by day, by price point, with options to filter by date rate, group by day, week or month, as well as focus on a particular ticket type in complete detail.

Marketing Reports

Our marketing stats give you the critical information required for understanding a demographic and where customers are coming from.

Besides organic sources of traffic, you can also view performance reporting of sales that came from tracking links. Tracking links are custom links that you can create that monitor where sales are coming from.

marketing reports with bar and pie graph
wave chart Purplepass reports

Social Marketing

Monitoring pre- and post-event engagement is one way to measure event ROI. Promoters can monitor any “Likes,” shares, and page views they’ve generated throughout a campaign.

Request or even require guests to “Like” your Facebook page, share with their friends that they purchased tickets, and get automatically checked in on Facebook when they arrive at your event.

Geography & Attendance

View by ticket type (general, VIP, assigned, etc.), delivery type (will call, print-at-home, etc.) and by device or location of admittance.

A heat map will show the concentration of the geographical location of your guests from a country level to a city level.

geographic map with ticket sales
number of guest list

Guest List

Take advantage of our built-in guest list management system to view stats and COMP tickets issued.

If you have a comprehensive list of COMPs and guests, this will become a valuable tool to measure event ROI and ensure you keep everything in check.

Box Office Reports

View sales at the door, when, how and by what terminals they were made with detailed reports.

Sales at the box office are a key aspect of your event and being able to see what was sold at the door, when, how, and by what terminals are vital for reconciling your accounting.