Ticket Types

Standard ticket types

Promoters can build anything from general admission to VIP and exclusive event ticket packages for groups and individuals.

Not seeing the ticket type you want?

Create your own custom ticket by defining it yourself. Customize your ticket name, price, exclusive deals, etc.

Assigned Seating

Promoters have full control over managing their venue maps with the ability to customize their charts, add additional images, graphics, legends, logos, etc.

Promoters can upload photos of the stage from the seats so guests can really see what it will look like from the seat they are looking at. For handicap seating, icons can show the different seating types available for handicap or wheelchair space.

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Season Passes

Guests can select what events of the season they wish to attend, select their dates, and seats all in advance.

Are attendees coming in groups or with family and friends? Build group and pass options that allow guests to purchase large blocks of tickets, usually at a discount.


Promoters can collect donations; create a general “Give” campaign to accept donations of any amount.

Setting up a donation page via Purplepass is easy and has everything you need to run an effective campaign (sharing options, social media integration, flexible donation tiers, tracking links, etc.). Promoters have the option to set a minimum donation level.


Create special event ticket packages to sell items that should not count towards the venue’s total capacity; merchandise, drink tickets, etc.

A great example of this would be if you are selling merchandise or VIP upgrades for customers that already purchased GA tickets. If someone buys a GA ticket and a t-shirt, the GA ticket will count towards the venue capacity but the t-shirt will not.

Live stream ticket

Build live stream ticket types and showcase the event directly on your website; no third parties, redirects and any extra accounts needed.

The live stream widget is the portal to your virtual event, giving guests the ability to access the stream directly on your website. The installation process is simple and just like Purplepass’ ticket widget setup.