Ticketing Options

User-Defined Ticketing Options

Go beyond general admission and create custom ticketing options for your event with the user-defined feature. Discounted tickets for children, seniors, military and active responders, students, etc.

Create group ticketing or VIP packages with exclusive add-ons. There is no limit to the type of tickets you can create.

Selecting user-defined tickets
Transferring tickets in PP account

Ticket Transferring

Let’s face it – Plans change and dealing with a guest’s requests to change their tickets is something you will probably have to handle. Promoters can easily transfer your guests to different ticket options from within the same event (e.g. Transfer Friday tickets to Saturday tickets) or move them to an entirely new event.

Once the tickets are transferred, the system will generate new tickets and send an updated confirmation to the guests.

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Tickets available at the door

Automatically indicate that tickets are available at the door if tickets remain after online sales end.

General Admission: Sell different price points and sections such as GA, VIP, Front-of-line access, etc.

Assigned Seating: Give an interactive seating map where guests can choose their preferred seat.

Hybrid: Sell a combination of assigned seating and general admission tickets.

Custom Status For Tickets

On Sale: This makes the ticket available for purchase.

Sold out: This will mark the ticket option as sold out.

Hidden: This is great for when you want to sell tickets in the box office but not online.

Disabled: A great example of this is to disable a ticket once it’s sold out and only available at the door.

Show Remaining Tickets

Show remaining tickets to instill urgency as tickets are selling out.

Ability to define ticket color

You have the ability to define the color of your thermal tickets (7 color options).

Min and Max for # of tickets

You can use the maximum to limit the number of tickets a customer can buy for high-demand tickets or just to limit scalping.