Event Types

Multi-Day Events

Planning a one-day event? Add your event name, date, time, description, tickets, any special customizations, and submit.

Planning a multi-day event? You can create tickets for events that last for multiple days by making one event page instead of creating individual ones. Get the support you need to build an event that goes throughout the weekend.

Paid Events

Process sales on the back end via credit card, cash, check, gift card, vouchers, or even COMP the order.

Promoters have complete control over who pays for what. By default, the customers will pay all fees, but you can choose to absorb fees or split it up with the customer. It’s up to you!

Recurring Events

You might need to create tickets for events that are not just multiple days, but repeat throughout the month or annually.

An example of this would be an event that occurs every Friday, every 1st of the month, or even on a custom schedule where you can set a custom date and time. This is ideal for theater productions where you may have different show times for a production (supports both different days and times).


Reservations Mode allows guests to request general admission tickets or assign seating, but pay at the event.

This works if promoters want to allow their guests to mail in checks, pay by cash later, or even if you are a school or organization that wants to charge the tickets to their account.

Free Events

If you are not charging admission fees to your event, it is a free or RSVP event. Purplepass does not charge any service fees for free events.

We do not charge for box office fees, comp tickets, guest support, ticket types created or the number of events created. Guests are still required to select the number of tickets they want and enter their information to complete the order, despite not paying for anything.